Gas Fees 101: Gas Fees Explained

Gas Fees explained

With the constantly rising attention on Ethereum, the majority of people are keen on learning more about the network. Before jumping on to the bandwagon of the Ethereum blockchain network, one of the most essential topics. You need to have a comprehensive awareness of Ethereum gas fees, especially if you’re a beginner. Most of you […]

What Is A Layer 2 Blockchain – All You Need To Know

What Is A Layer 2 Blockchain

Every system evolves to meet the changing needs of its users – consider how quickly smartphone designs and functionality have changed. Similarly, layer 2 technologies for blockchain networks found fertile ground in the urgent demand for blockchain network improvement. In this article, we will discuss layer 2 in blockchain, its importance, and its benefits; before […]

Which Companies are Selling NFTs?

Which Companies are Selling NFTs

Virtual reality is what the modern world is all about. Today, more and more businesses are shifting to the metaverse to celebrate the wonders of NFTs. Stats reveal that the aggregated sales value of NFTs reached an estimated 36.1 million dollars in November 2022! With such high numbers, the competition is equally growing. Many big […]

NFT Ticketing: Everything You Need to Know


The metaverse industry is rapidly growing to bring the world closer through virtual reality. Unlike the traditional methods where users had to stand in line to get their ticket or pay online for a barcode of QR-code-based tickets, NFT ticketing are more secure, fast, and trackable. According to data, NFT’s weekly sales volume has increased […]

Important Benefits Of NFTs

Benefits Of NFTs

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the most extraordinary buzz in the tech era. People are achieving a considerable stake in their artwork on this platform. As stated in the Chainalysis report, in 2021, NFTs have pushed $26.9 billion in cryptocurrency transactions. NFTs are a terrific choice for trading and buying any digital asset, and there are […]