How To Create NFT Art Without Coding

creating nft art without coding

NFTs have recently gained much attention over the years. While you may be reading about it for the umpteenth time about what they are and how one can earn from them, the question here today is whether NFTs can be created without prior coding experience or not. We will skip the unnecessary information about NFTs, […]

Why Does the Real World Market Define Crypto as the Wild Wild West?

Why Does the Real World Market Define Crypto as the Wild Wild West

In today’s technological era, where we can see so many advancements, currency alone has played a vital role in going digital. When we talk about digital currency, crypto or cryptocurrency comes to mind. Crypto is any form of money that is virtual or exists digitally while using cryptography to secure transactions. Crypto doesn’t work like regular […]

How Long Does It Take to Mint an NFT?

How Long Does It Take to Mint an NFT

The NFT world is overgrowing, and every other person is gaining an interest in it. This has led the creators to create digital assets of their own and increased the demand amongst collectors to collect them as NFTs. While digital assets must be converted into digital collectibles, NFTs must also be minted to complete the entire […]

How to Create An NFT Collection

How to Create An NFT Collection

NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, have been all the hype lately, and for a good reason. Creating and selling your art online gives a tangible platform for artists to showcase their talents. Furthermore, this also proves to be an excellent investment for many investors. You can choose from several digital files, such as images, animations, […]

What Is Floor Price NFT?

What Is Floor Price NFT

If you have recently started exploring and reading about NFTs, it’s highly likely that you may have come across the term floor price of NFT. It is one of the most crucial factors for collectors and investors through which they consider the intrinsic value of the NFT. Generally speaking, floor price NFT is the lowest […]