Optimism – Everything You Need to Know


To ensure the safe and secure scaling of Ethereum, it must be able to boost its capacity to scale network latency and throughput without introducing trust assumptions. This is what numerous scaling solutions, such as sidechains and Layer two (L2) rollups, are doing. Optimism is one scaling solution we look at in this guide. Once […]

Arbitrum – Everything You Need to Know


As one of the most prevalent platforms for creating dApps, short for decentralized applications, Ethereum is undergoing a massive surge in adoption, resulting in scalability issues. Ethereum is only able to process 15 transactions per second. Hence, the transaction count is bound to increase with many dApps established in the network. This considerable surge in […]

Zk-sync – Everything You Need to Know


The main Ethereum blockchain comprising Layer 1 (L1), with its expansive decentralized applications (dApps) ecosystem and fulfilling thousands of transactions daily, has several competitors – crypto investors, bullish for its long-standing future. Layer 1 hasn’t always had the smoothest operation, as most detractors raise hurdles like costly gas fees and slow-paced transactions. Luckily, since Layer 2 […]

StarkGate — Everything You Need to Know 


StarkGate is the Alpha version of StarkNet, which is a STARK-based scaling solution designed by StarkWare along with StarkEx.  But wait… What is all this STARK- stuff, and why is the world so after it? This is exactly what we are going to explore in this guide!  We have tried our best to explain StarkGate […]